Imagine YACOB as your child’s best friend from school who made eating brocolli instead of pizza a #trend in the school cafeteria and he’s now viral on Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok (and all the other video platforms we lost count of). In all things nutrition, YACOB is your child’s everyday companion: a virtual health role model to look up to, to learn with, to imitate positive behaviours from.

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YACOB is a seamless combination between human and artificial intelligence that is continuously developing (its complementarity) not just to nudge but to fire up your children’s excitementwill to become healthier and more active, both at home and at school and support others to do so, too!

Based on holistic data ranging from children’s current health levels to their eating habits and physical activity patterns and up to sleeping and screen time balance – in correlation with the international standards set by the World Health Organization, we have developed an adaptive gamified framework in order to trigger children’s desires, excitement and determination to become healthier.

Our adaptive gamified framework is a blend of physical, digital and phygital tools – from fitness tests to healthy food tastings up to online challenges and competitions based on wearables data, Yacob creates aa seamless flow of experiences across the environments where children already enjoy being.

The brightest minds in nutrition and gamification enhance our wisdom and intuition about our health choices while highly-trained data systems generate nutrition insights and recommendations through continuous learning and long-term predictions that are set to establish not diets but habits. Thus, YACOB is able to provide you and your children with personalized nutritional analysis and recommendations and challenges to achieve for continuously enhancing their health.

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