Imagine if real life would be played like a MMORPG / League of Legends, DOTA or Fortnite tournament – you would always need a hero in your team to be the healer for the others. That is who Yacob is – and this time, for both worlds – real and digital

You now have a new mission – to take control of WELLSPRING, the realm of the two worlds, and a new ally – Yacob, who’s here to train you on how to master the four powers of W.I.L.L.

Through his wisdom, Yacob is an adaptive healer – he can show you new ways to avoid or escape unhealthy situations and even boost your health in both worlds.

Through his intuition, Yacob is a seamless jumper – he can train you on how to shift between the physical and the digital world in order to get the best of both all the time.

Through his learning, Yacob is a skill enhancer – he can teach you how to combinealmost instantly what you learn in any of the two worlds in your acquired habits and powers.

Trough his long-term thinking, Yacob is a lighthouse builder – he can develop your vision so that you can always plan what skills and resources you need to overcome a challenge of the WELLSPRING.

Join forces with your ally – Yacob, learn how to use the four powers of W.I.L.L. (wisdom, intuition, learning, long-term thinking) and start upgrading your avatar to the max and improving the real you. At the same time.