Through its exclusive partnership with a series of the leading school food vendors YACOB can provide a nutrition management platform that solves the problems of parents, schools and food vendors. All at once.

Everything is done in 3 steps:


Once a child swipes his YACOB card, his / her meal data is collected. All data is securely stored and encrypted in order to ensure full protection for personal information.


Aggregated data along with automatically generated analysis and insights can be visualized in the YACOB dashboard.


From the dashboard, customized reward systems, meal schedules and fitness programs can be set up and promoted to the other stakeholders.

difficulty to find qualified vendors
challenge to ensure safety & compliance for all vendors
time loss to manage multiple vendors’ contracts no feedback channels with parents and students

most comprehensive list of food vendors in the UAE compliance checklist embedded in each vendor profile zoom-in-zoom-out view of all vendor contracts (payment tracking, supplies management, etc.) integration with Mailchimp, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey

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